Why we started using Heap for analytics from Day One

Matthew John
Jul 19 · 8 min read
Heap lets you retroactively analyse your data without writing code.

Our first Graph and Funnel: First 90 days using Heap

Designing a cheese burger video using Typito
Heap graph view of our early stage metrics just after launch
Heap funnel about user journey navigating through core actions on Typito in June 2017

How retroactive analysis on Heap helped us

Event Visualiser helps you select elements on your page based on CSS selectors
How to add a web based event in a few clicks using Heap’s Event Visualiser
Report of landing page funnel for the month of June 2017 created with the help of retroactive analysis
You can find Suggested Reports on the right hand side of the your project dashboard

Matthew John

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loves building products and reading psychology.

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