Response 5: Software UI Design

Intellectual Foundations of Informatics

Although the three sets of principles are slightly different, there are a lot of themes they have in common for with each other. One of the major things I noticed between the three were consistency. The consistency went in line with how things are laid out, like having a strong visual hierarchy. For example, if you are going to make something bold make all elements bold that should be bold, and ones that should not regular. Another principle was making sure your interface is clear to the user. Clarity is key, and goes in line with simplicity. It should be clear to the user what they are doing and what will happen when they do it. They should not be confused. The interface should be used by a universal user group, so if they are a beginner there should be set up to understand how to use it in a way that doesn’t interfere with those who already know how. Users should be able to use the interface, it is not just there to look at. Each screen should be clear to them, dedicating one main task to the user with no interruptions, it should be simple and functional.

The app that I will speak on that is well designed is twitter. Twitter is very easy to use, I believe. It is clear to the user on how to use it; the layout is conventional and therefore familiar. The buttons look like buttons, search bars are clear, and it is smartly organized with a strong visual hierarchy.

The important text is white, and the background black. Who has tweeted is in bold, with their @ name to the right, with there image to the left, and there tweet is in regular font. If they tag anyone it is a hyperlink that leads to that persons profile. It shows how long ago they tweeted, showing the most recent ones at top organized by time as you scroll down.

My next example is related to navigation, but displays clarity. This is the search bar where, from the first picture, I clicked at the top right on the search icon, which lead me to the search page. On this page I have the option to go back (shown on the left) if I didn’t mean to or want to go back, and also the option to search in the bar where it says “Search Twitter”. It also gives me suggested searches based on popular searches by users on twitter. This pages main task is searching, but I also can easily navigate out of it if needed. Overall, I think twitter is very well designed. For beginners, they can click the sign up button to create an account and it will lead them to getting caught up in becoming a twitter user. It’s a familiar design and easy to navigate.

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