Own your career

I am a software developer and I take a lot of pride in that.

Being a sofware dev should inspire a feeling of entrepreneurship…a feeling that you are responsible for the path of your career. You own it. You make the choices that will take you as far as you want to go!

Think about it. When your brain and your intellect is your most valuable commodity, which it obviously is as a software dev, there is limitless potential for you. The beauty of our industry is that it is constantly evolving and changing. The beauty of you is that you are constantly evolving and changing too, but you can control how fast or slow you move that process along.

There is infinite depth to our world. You cannot possibly learn everything or even broach every subject there is to know. This means there is an ever-expanding sea of knowledge and skills that basically lies in wait for you to possess. There is no limiting factor to what you can turn yourself into except yourself.

And this can apply to almost any subject in tech.

As mentioned above, the only limiting factor is you. So if you’re stuck in a job you hate or you’re spinning your wheels at a job counting the hours every day till you get out of there … or in general just don’t feel satisfied with what you’re doing, ask yourself this question. “Am I doing everything I can to make myself indispensable to the industry?”. “Am I doing everything I can to educate myself to the point where I cannot be ignored?”.

Once you have the knowledge and skills to legitimately be an ‘expert’ in something you gain supreme confidence. With that comes serious opportunities. At that point you make your own path. You walk into whatever job/tech interview you want and practically look forward to showing off! There is no more fear of being out a job…no more fear of being embarrassed…you are the job…you are the prized free-agent!

All that being said, nobody said it’s gonna be easy. And frankly, you may have to rediscover your passion for what you do along the way.

But there is nothing more empowering and liberating than knowing that you control your own destiny. It’s up to you to invest in yourself, make the appropriate ‘knowledge-gains’, and put yourself out there to never be denied again!

Thanks for reading.

Originally published at tcasper.com.