Too Long in One Place?

This month I’m celebrating my 6th year at my current gig. Of course, like everyone says at these milestone markers, I can’t believe it’s been that long! As most everyone in tech knows, 6 years at any one place is pretty much an eternity. The norm in this industry seems to be job hopping, at least from what I’ve seen.

In some ways I can understand the need to skip from gig to gig. The nature of being a developer lends itself to this kind of behavior because said nature is one of constant change and growth. If you’re sticking around at the same place for a while, it can start to feel as if you’re stagnating, your growth halted.

But…that being said, I also believe it’s up to the individual to ensure constant growth and contribution. It very well may be that you’ve outgrown your stay somewhere and you’re in need of a new challenge. All I am saying is take a look at yourself first to see where you might be able to change things.

There’s also plenty to be said for ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ so to speak. Lot’s of experts say this all the time with respect to striving for constant growth and improvement.

After 6 years, I feel pretty lucky to be where I’m at. My company has gone through many changes and phases, different engineers, leadership etc… I’ve been able to grow as an engineer all throughout that time and I feel that a lot of that is my own doing. I don’t rely on my company to make me a better engineer, I do it myself.

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