VR/AR Design Primer 1 —Dipping Your Toes In

Building up your knowledge base and staying up to date.

As someone working my way into this amazing VR space, I have found some really great sources for information and inspiration. To help others on their journey I wanted to put together a list sharing some of my favorite resources. Hopefully I can get some new suggestions and this can evolve as this new field develops.

The Start

The User Experience of Virtual Reality

When it comes to UX in VR, this is probably the one link to rule them all. I think it is great in general for anyone looking to learn more about VR as it will give a ton of links for learning the fundamentals of the industry.


Whether you are an active user or don’t have an account yet, a great place to keep up with the latest news and insights from top industry groups and individuals. I’ve put a list together to help others easily find these great sources.

A quick shout out to Suzanne Leibrick who posted a good list on the Udacity VR Developer Slack channel that exposed me to quite a few new accounts to follow that have been added to the list.


News in the industry moves fast so it is important to have a few outlets that can bring you some of the major news and events happening in the industry.

Upload VR

A company dedicated to helping VR creators succeed and bringing VR technology to the masses. They have good articles and the latest news. In addition to the media they also have a jobs board and now two different physical locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

VR Scout

This blog will keep you up to date with the latest news but also bring you information and insights from creators in the industry.

Road to VR

Another good news source with a dedication to the consumer VR industry.


VRFocus has a lean towards the entertainment side of virtual reality.


I’m sure you know how Reddit works, here is the home of virtual reality on the platform.

Virtual Reality Pop

A publication, found here on Medium, focused on news, analysis and techniques related to VR.


I may have a podcast addiction, so this medium has been a real treasure trove of knowledge for me. Whether you throw one on while getting ready in the morning during your commute, need a break from your workday, or want the soothing voice of Kent Bye to take a land of imagination these all will help keep you up to date on the latest news and trends with the people making it all happen. So lets divvvvvvve right in (you’ll get that one day).

Voices of VR

An amazing podcast by Kent Bye that has been a true inspiration. Recently hit 300 episodes and will hopefully have many more because of Kent’s enthusiasm for VR and his ability as an interviewer.

Everything VR & AR

Another great podcast, put on by the VR/AR Association. The group is able to pull from it’s amazing member network to get the thoughts and insights of some industry leaders.

VRScout Report

Malia is full of energy and enthusiasm. She drops the latest and greatest news coming out of the world of VR.

Inside VR & AR

Robert Scoble and Jason Calacanis come together with special guests to discuss all things VR and AR. If you’re not a believer yet, Robert may just be able to change that.


If you’re interested in getting into some of the more technical aspects of the industry I’ve found this show to get interesting guests with some lively discussions.

Social Gatherings!

Get your ass out there and meet some people. These events are two-fold, first the are a chance to meet and chat with other people enthusiastic about the industry, second this is a place to network and build connections that could help you find a job one day. This may not be as easy for some (I’m fortunate living in San Francisco) but if at all possible check Meetup, Eventbrite, The VR/AR Association. If you’re in the Bay Area, SVVR and Upload are great resources as well.

And if you want to take it full circle and have a headset that runs Altspace VR, get in there and interact with those people that are using this technology A TON. Even if they aren’t working in the industry they are the early adopters that are passionate about this industry and will have relevant insights to gleam. AltSpace has even started hosting events within VR itself, the promised land is near my friends.

Are you ready to make the jump?

If you’ve made it to this point you are probably someone interested in VR and AR but if you’re still not sure here is one more article:

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what resources I use please leave any suggestions below, there are always new great things being produced!

More To Come

Both from this amazing industry and from me! I plan to dump my thoughts and perspectives on here periodically, format will probably be a mix of useful resources, project updates, and possibly a healthy smattering of opinion from an architect, yours truly.

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Tom has a home on the web at tommccormack.design and will occasionally retweet things related to VR/AR and design.