Who I am

Part 1: Story of my life in 100 words

It all started in Arlington heights, Illinois on October 9 in 2001, seconds away from the 10th. I was born with asthma, causing me to be close to dying from it at age three. I always did and still do love to play sports like soccer, football, hockey, and basketball. I would always play them with my friends. In school, I would always play soccer with friends leading me to love the sport and play it on the prospect team. I went to Robert frost elementary school where I became friends with people that I am still friends with today.

Part 2: Graphing my life

Part 3: Music that means something to me

Reminds me to never give up and to work my hardest

Part 4: What am I doing at 9:00 pm

Friday Football Game

Part 5: Vine of myself

Playing Soccer (Thanks maciej for recording)

Part 6: People I admire

I admire Michael Jordan because he never gave up and never stopped trying to become the basketball player that he was.

Photo Credits: wikipedia

I admire Martin Luther King because he fought for what he believed in.

Photo Credits: biography.com

I admire Einstein for all of his work to become a genius.

Photo Credits: wikipedia

Part 7: Inspiring quote

We look up into the same stars and see such different things — Geor

ge Martin

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