10 New Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2017
James Altucher

Great article James. Have been thinking a lot about this a lot lately. I finished my long term contract last year to go freelance — without anything lined up. I just knew I wanted to start following my passions more, which involves actually discovering them! I knew the 9–5 was not condusive to actually figuring out what I wanted to really do (despite working in a profession and role I wanted to work in). I spent all my hours at “work” wanting to go home and WORK.

I started developing a routine, focusing on projects I wanted to do, learning, reading, thinking. Eventually I realised I did not want a “job” for someone else. I wanted my own way of life. So I am now in the process of doing. (and isn’t all of life really the process of doing, assuming one day you will arrive)- I am setting up my own business, freelancing on the side to generate an income, and plan to work on my own projects in the free timne. I am sure that with enough time to dedicate to doing these things and living more like the way I want to, I will earn far more than at my job, but the goal is more to discover what I want to do (and do it).

I am only just starting, there is so much I would want to write at some point. Perhaps I should look into writing more. But I feel much happier, with much more purpose having started. Fear is the limiting factor.