Packaging and start-up companies: 5 Packaging tips

So, your start-up company is about to develop packaging for your very first product. Or, differently put, it is time to deal with things like budget, time and promotional value. Sounds like a lot of work? Small businesses usually have one person that has to shuffle between several key roles and you don’t want to overload an employee that already has a lot of work with the managing and maintenance of your packaging machinery. This is where a packaging machine manufacturer should join in as a reliable long-term partner; able to handle all your packaging needs, from servicing your machines to acquiring spare parts and upgrading. Managing growth is another important issue that every startup needs to handle. If we talk about packaging, you can start with a white carton with a one-color label on it that you print in-house, followed by a master case that is a stock box. This can be handled manually, or with the help of the most affordable, second hand or refurbished packaging machine you can find at the market. But what will you do when you decide that it is time for your business to grow? You will need a packaging system that can meet your new requirements. And who knows what the future brings? Plan in advance and find the manufacturer that can develop an affordable, starting level packaging machine which can be upgraded so it can follow your growth.

It is totally ok to feel a bit lost, after all, getting your part of market share and capturing consumers’ attention is a constant and fierce battle where it is not always easy to plan ahead. In this battle, packaging can be your strongest weapon ant that is why it shouldn’t be on a bottom of priority list. Product packaging is an easy and cost-effective way to establish your product, attract your potential buyers and achieve success in the marketplace. A good looking package design gives an attractive face to the brand and it represents an integral part of overall marketing efforts.

And there is more to good packaging than just visual appeal; a package tells the story of your product.
 So, what do you want to say with your packaging? We have prepared 5 key packaging tips to help you win the attention of a target audience and make a long lasting impression.


Start-ups often have to deal with the lack the visibility with a limited budget. But even if you don’t have means like your larger competitors; your product can still stand out on the shelf. Just think outside the box! Packaging is not just a cost you should cut down on. It has the potential to boost sales; it’s like an attractive, but silent promoter sharing your message with the people.


You want the prettiest packaging for your products, but you also have to consider the costs, especially if you are a startup. Minimalistic options and packaging designs can keep you from breaking the bank. Today’s packaging system doesn’t have to be an expensive, large, space consuming industrial line. A reliable packaging machine manufacturer can develop a custom solution just for you. Modular designs of certain packaging machines allows you to choose the functionalities of a machine, and to utilize your floor space in the best possible way.


Are your products going to be stocked in shelves of local stores or do you intend to sell your products online? If you intend to ship products directly to consumers, you don’t need fancy packaging; you need solid and durable packaging that will protect your product during shipping. However, if you plan to place your product on store shelves, choosing a visually compelling package might be your best bet. You also might want to think about some shelf-ready packaging solutions that will make the in-store handling of your product much easier.


For startups it is extremely important to keep costs under control. Inventory management is linked with sales and it can be one of the most important aspects of your business. Discuss your stocking options with your inventory manager to ensure you are using your resources in the most cost-effective manner. Do you prefer to keep your stock at minimum in order to safe space and money or does your money flow allow you to have a big number of products in stock? With that in mind, do you need a packaging solution with automatic loading that can work fast and pack a larger amount of products per minute, or will a bit slower, manual loading packaging machine do the trick?


Depending on your budget and options, you might choose to have all necessary information printed on the primary packaging as an integral part of package design, which increases the cost per unit. On the other hand, you can choose to keep your package design minimalistic, in order to decrease cost per unit and print all the important info on the label. Be it text, your company logo or graphics, business labels and stickers are a cost effective way of promoting your business in the best possible light. Today’s packaging solutions are available with modular add-ons for printing and labeling, so keep that in mind when investing in a packaging solution.

Take your time and do your research. Choosing the right packaging machine manufacturer is the first step to forming a long term partnership. Whether you need a cartoner,case packer, tray packer or palletizer, your packaging machine manufacturer has to understand your business and your plans for growth. Start here and check out Tishma Technologies’ packaging machines, available in different sizes with various modular add-ons that will serve you for years to come.

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