Hello World

It’s been a week since TMinus has been live. We opened TMinus to a very special Sofar Sounds community in Bangalore, at their Give A Home gig in support of the refugees across the world. There were a bunch of great local acts like Thermal and a Quarter, Parvaaz and Siddhartho Poddar, as well as Kafayat Quadri- all the way from Nigeria.

Siddhartho Poddar playing for Give A Home at Sofar Bangalore

Sofar has been great to us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. At the show, we gave the audience a shot at winning entry into the next gig. There was quite a scramble, but a lucky two got there first, giving them not just an entry to Sofar, but a chance to discover a whole bunch of other countdowns on TMinus.

So excited to have our users enthused and sharing their countdowns with the rest of our community, and we can’t wait for it to grow even more! All in all, a pretty great start for us at TMinus. Here’s hoping the word spreads and TMinus helps people discover new things happening around them.