The Special day of Samuel and Marla — Wedding Planner

Samuel proposed Marla on the fourth of July. Under the lit sky the couple made promises thousand promises to each other and they decided not to wait any longer and get married as soon as possible, they fixed 24th July as the d-day. Marla had big plans for her wedding, Like everybody she also wanted it to be perfect. She kept on talking about her plans, she was too elaborate and detailed about how she wanted their perfect day to be. On the 7th after two days of cash course on wedding, Samuel decided it would be a good idea to hire a wedding planner to make all the arrangements and coordinate the event. They selected someone from the internet and fixed an appointment. Marla wanted a classy vintage theme wedding, the wedding planner took all the responsibilities and assured that each and every detail will be perfect. Marla and Samuel, got back to their daily schedule and waited for the special day. Meantime, they kept on checking with the planner through phone, the wedding planner assured that everything was on track, Samuel even maid some advanced payment. Gradually the day approached, the couple seemed to be bit worried about the arrangements, but again, they were assured everything was in order and all they need to do is arrive at the location on time. On the day of the wedding Samuel and Marla and all the guests arrived at the venue, but there was nothing, no arrangements, no nothing it was just a vacant plot. They tried to reach the wedding planning but, there was no sign of him, apparently he was some psycho who loved spoiling special moments in peoples life. Samuel and Marla are equally to be blamed they should have done a proper background check before hiring the wedding planner.

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