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Langdon and Sophie are gone up against by Teabing, who needs to cut down the Church for quite a long time of mistreatment and misdirection. The trio goes to Westminster Abbey to the tomb of Isaac Newton, a previous fantastic ace of the Priory. Teabing requests that the pair open the cryptex. Langdon attempts and afterward hurls the cryptex into the air. Teabing jumps for it, gets it, however vinegar spills, and the papyrus thought crushed.

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The police land to capture Teabing, who acknowledges Langdon more likely than not explained the cryptex’s code and evacuated the papyrus. The code is uncovered to be “APPLE”, after the spurious fantasy of the apple, which drove Newton to find his law of general attraction. The sign inside the cryptex, which recounts the Grail stowing away “‘neath the rose,” drives Langdon and Sophie to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Inside the sanctuary, they find Magdalene’s tomb has been evacuated. Langdon, subsequent to looking through archives, understands that Sophie’s family passed on in an auto accident, that Saunière was not her granddad but rather her defender, and that she is the last relative of Jesus Christ. The two are welcomed by a few individuals from the Priory, including Sophie’s grandma, who vows to ensure her. Langdon and Sophie go separate ways, the previous coming back to Paris. While shaving, he cuts himself and has a revelation when his blood bends down the sink, helping him to remember the Rose Line. Understanding the genuine importance of the cryptex hint, he follows the line to the Louver, finishing up the Holy Grail, the stone casket of Mary Magdalene, is covered up beneath the Pyramide Inversée. Langdon stoops above it.

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