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The Louver offered consent to film pertinent scenes at their premises. A reproduction of the Mona Lisa was utilized during shooting as the team was not permitted to enlighten the first work with their lighting. During the on location taping at the Louver, the Mona Lisa’s chamber was utilized as an extra space. Westminster Abbey precluded the utilization from securing its premises, as sainted Sulpice.

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The Westminster Abbey scenes were rather shot at Lincoln and Winchester houses of God, which both have a place with the Church of England. (Westminster Abbey is a Royal Peculiar, a congregation or house of prayer under the immediate ward of the ruler; though Saint-Sulpice is a Roman Catholic organization.)

Because of the disavowal of an area license for Saint-Sulpice, the whole scene must be reproduced basically by after creation organization Rainmaker U.K. what’s more, however the set had been halfway fabricated, the co-ordinates were centimeters out from what the typesetters had expected thus the whole procedure was amazingly hard to finish.

Lincoln Cathedral purportedly got £100,000 in return for the privilege to film there, with photography happening between August 15 and 19, 2005, for the most part inside the houses of the church. The house of prayer’s chime, which strikes the hour, was quiet just because since World War II during that time. Despite the fact that it stayed a shut set, dissenters drove by a 61-year-elderly person named Sister Mary Michael exhibited against the taping. Sister Mary Michael went through 12 hours asking on her knees outside the house of prayer in challenge what she saw as the profane utilization of a sacred spot to film a book containing blasphemy.

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