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The most established hints of human life in what is presently France date from roughly 1.8 million years back. Over the following centuries, Humans were gone up against by a cruel and variable atmosphere, set apart by a few frosty times.

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Early primates drove a roaming tracker gatherer life. France has countless finished caverns from the upper Paleolithic period, including one of the most well known and best saved, Lascaux (roughly 18,000 BC). Toward the finish of the last icy time frame (10,000 BC), the atmosphere got milder; from around 7,000 BC, this piece of Western Europe entered the Neolithic period and its occupants got stationary.

After solid segment and rural advancement between the fourth and third centuries, metallurgy showed up toward the finish of the third thousand years, at first working gold, copper and bronze, and later iron.[30] France has various megalithic destinations from the Neolithic time frame, including the uncommonly thick Carnac stones site (around 3,300 BC).

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