Home Is Where the Long Snapper Is

Freshman Wes Farnsworth (Left) with Senior Bryan Lane Jr. (Right)

This year, with the start of the college football season, there was a strange occurrence that caused quite the interest in the Reno, Nevada, community. One of the highest ranked high school long snappers in the country chose to become part of the Nevada Wolf Pack. Normally, this would not have been as big of a story as it is, but then again, it is not every day that Nevada is chosen over Idaho’s prestigious Boise State Buster Broncos.

Wesley Farnsworth, or ‘Wes’ as he prefers, was born on April 10th, 1997, to his parents Lane and Melissa and his sister Shannon. He grew up in Reno, saying, “It’s a pretty small town. It’s a pretty cool community.” He would ride the bus everyday to school with his best friend and then back home again.

“I was a pretty normal kid.”

He played both baseball and football in school, making varsity and gaining his letters in baseball his sophomore year and football his junior year. Wes didn’t always play the long snapper position, though. “I [played] running back and safety. In high school, I just kind of played everywhere.” Safety is one of his favorite positions, but when the opportunity arose to try out for long snapper, he said, “I got this one. I’m going to be golden.”

When not focusing on his athletics and studies in high school, Wes volunteered for the Boys and Girls Club, the Special Olympics, and at the Food Bank doing food drives. All of these extra-curricular activities take up time, but Wes was able to utilize the time management skills that came from that.

“In high school, it was kind of done for you. You have to manage your own time in college and it’s a little different.”

The University of Nevada, Reno, also gives a lot of opportunities and support to its athletes. To help ensure his choosing of Nevada, Wes received a full-ride scholarship.

The family feel is just another one of the reasons that Wes chose Nevada over Boise State, “It’s just like one big family.”

His family, now over 20,000 people larger, is able to see him play every game when he starts for the Nevada football team. Just look for the #42 jersey and the golden smile worn by Wes Farnsworth.