A Recap of Dior’s Very First Yet Successful WeChat eCommerce Campaign

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5 min readAug 9, 2016


On Aug 1st, Dior has become the first luxury brand to sell top-end bags on WeChat, the most popular messaging and social network in China. The French luxury brand released the limited edition of “Lady Dior” bag at the price of 28,000 Yuan or $4,210, and it was already sold out on the next Day. Luxury to sell via WeChat eCommerce has become a reality.

How Everything Started

July 31st

One day before the actual sales day, Dior already started to warm up on its WeChat Public Account. Seen the article below, Dior announced that tomorrow (8/1/2016), Dior will launch a special edition of “Lady Dior Small” bag exclusively on WeChat.

The article showed not too much information other than the image of the bag. It stated that there would be more details to come tomorrow, only via Dior’s WeChat channel.


Only 13 minutes after entering August 1st, Dior’s WeChat account sent out this article (shown image below): “Lady Dior Small Special Edition Officially Launched Online.” At the end of the article, Dior drove visitors to another HTML5 Page on its mobile site.

The HTML5 page starts with an animation video about “Qi Xi”, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. The entry button of purchasing “Lady Dior Small” comes afterwards. Meanwhile, consumers can drag the online pictures of the decorations they want to the bag, tailor-making them to their needs.

Finally, visitor reaches to the purchase page, with the price of RMB 28,000, and payment option available. According to the page, both WeChat Pay and Alipay and accepted. Simply choose your payment option, and type in your contact info, your “Lady Dior Small” bag will be on the way.

Why is This a Big Deal?

Normally speaking, luxury brands are not very “pro eCommerce”. Because of that, here are a few breakthrough of Dior’s WeChat eCommerce tryout:

1. This is not only the first time that Dior sells online through WeChat, but also the first time of any luxury brands;

2. More exactly, this is the first time that top-end bags to be sold. Brands like Channel and Louis Vuitton has sold on WeChat eCommerce before, but products are strictly limited with accessories: Sunglasses, rings, cosmetics, etc. To make its top-end product available on WeChat and even earlier than offline channel, Dior is the first one.

3. Another thing different is: this time Dior has offered a complete online shopping experiences. A few luxury brands have done new product release campaign before, but more a “reserve online and pay full amount in offline store” style. Quite the contrary, “Lady Dior Small” is supported by online payment options like WeChat Pay and Alipay, and has nothing to do with offline.

Why Did Dior Choose WeChat?

Clearly the top reason is: WeChat is the top social media platform in China now. With over 700 million monthly active users, this is a platform that any brand hopes to share a piece. Plus, the strong interaction and eCommerce function can help brand shoot for higher conversion rates.

The other important reason is: WeChat holds all kind of data of its users, which can make brands like Dior easier to advertise and to sell.

For example, WeChat launched “WeChat Moments advertising”, giving any brand access to targeted audiences according to location, interest, age, gender, device and phone network in Beijing, Shanghai, and 35 first and second tier Chinese cites. For luxury brands like Dior, this new format of ad enables them to choose to target users by demographics in specific regions, therefore make the advertising way more valuable.

MINI’s WeChat targeting ad

More Luxury on WeChat eCommerce?

The wheels are in motion. Right now, the whole luxury industry is facing a sales slowdown. Yet as the high-end market struggles to eke out revenue growth, there’s one area where sales are flourishing: eCommerce.

China has always been important for luxury brands, for its strong purchasing power. So, more brands will give a shot on capture customers on China’s hottest social platform: WeChat.

Above all, Dior’s first WeChat eCommerce launch could be seen as a start of luxury brand presence on WeChat eCommerce. Beforehand, a luxury brand that is found everywhere is not considered ‘luxurious’; it is important for a luxury brand to remain limited in order to maintain its status quo. But now, looking at the great opportunities WeChat is offering, more luxury brands will act bolder on WeChat eCommerce.

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