We Grade the Social Sharing Buttons in China eCommerce and Here’s the Result (Part 2)

Social Commerce is a rising business in China — More Chinese shoppers enter eCommerce sites through social media channel. Therefore, a social sharing button for your eCommerce can bring more customers for sure.

Here, we present Part 2 of the 20 Social Sharing Buttons in China eCommerce, graded. Be sure to also check out Part 1, with our grading rules explained.

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9. Wangjiu/Suning/Mogu Jie: C

Both of these three cannot get their score higher since they share the same issue: lack of WeChat, which is considered as THE social platform now in China.

On the bright side, their social sharing button is well located and fresh designed.

6. VIP.com: B

VIP was doing a decent job on social sharing buttons. Click the button below the product image, you can choose four major social media platforms to share: Q-zone, QQ, WeChat and Weibo.

Click on “Share to WeChat”, one QR code will pop out.

Which will lead you to VIP’s WeChat shop.

5. Adidas China: B

Take notes, Nike. The social sharing buttons of Adidas are solid on both design and functionality. It allows people to share on Weibo and WeChat, two major social platforms now in China.

After scanning from WeChat, mobile will jump to its WeChat mobile shop as well.

4. Mia.com: A-

China’s leading eCommerce company for children products, Mia does have some interesting insights on how to build up its social sharing.

The buttons located at upper right, with their signature colors.

Click on WeChat, a QR code will pop up, with words guiding through the steps of WeChat share.

After Scanning on WeChat, you will firstly see a request asking to authorize your login info (step 1). After confirmation, it will take you to Mia’s WeChat shop.

So what’s so unique about login confirmation? Basically, Mia’s WeChat store will save your data (WeChat ID, WeChat name, etc.) as its member. Whenever you visit Mia again on Mia, no need to log in and you will have full reach of membership functions.

So, by this step, Mia optimizes its user experiences on WeChat, and pulls WeChat users closer.

Bravo, Mia!

3. Organic Nordic: A

Similar to Mia.com, Organic Nordic will save the login trouble for WeChat users after first-time login confirmation.

In the product detail page, social sharing buttons are right below the purchase button, obvious and clear.

One thing Organic Nordic does a great job is: there are social sharing buttons not only in product detail page, but also in product overview page. That will save a user a few steps and amount of time when they have something eager to share.

2. Amazon CN: A

You cannot miss them, since the social sharing buttons for Amazon CN is right below the topic.

If you Click “Share to WeChat” and scan the QR code, here is a special something Amazon CN can offer: right after the page loaded on WeChat, few words of explanations will appear for 2 seconds, telling user how to share it to WeChat Moments properly.

Of course we are very familiar with how WeChat works, but how about the first timers? Amazon is offering a chance guiding them to share its product on WeChat.

Sweet move, Amazon.

1. Sephora: A

Last but not least, Sephora is leading social sharing buttons by experimenting “social rewards”, meaning share on social and get extra rewards/credits.

Through social rewards, Sephora’s visitors will have more reason and incentives to social sharing. This is a perfect example for building social engagement on your eCommerce.

Aside from this, social sharing functionalities work great too. Good job, Sephora.

Social Sharing: More than a button

For your eCommerce, social sharing buttons can do more than just to increase your reach and boost your traffic, pop-ups to engage with your visitors. Moreover, with our technology your social sharing buttons can have analytics that tell you the impact of each share.

With the in-depth analytics, you can understand understand:

- How many shares are generated;

- Which social networks are contributing the most for your eCommerce;

- What items are being shared the most onto social media;

- Who are the active users that have shared the most;

With these first hand information, you are on your way to generate qualified traffic for your website and use social media as a main platform to increase awareness for your brand.

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