Global Big Data/AI expert Brent Gorda joins CEO Quest

Brent Gorda, Managing Director, CEO Quest

I am pleased to announce today that Brent Gorda has joined CEO Quest as Managing Director. CEO Quest is the premier Silicon Valley-based expert advisory group for tech CEOs. Brent will coach startup CEOs globally with a focus on companies working in the areas of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and High-Performance Computing.

Brent’s most recent role was General Manager for the High-Performance Data Division at Intel Corporation. Intel acquired Brent’s company, Whamcloud, in 2012. At Intel, he led a worldwide team and influenced 10-figure revenue streams by integrating HPC technology into other Intel technical solutions. Previously, he led advanced technology projects at Lawrence Livermore Labs.

Brent is renowned as a global expert in the Big Data space. He led the technical community in transition from vector to parallel computing and again to massively parallel architectures. A frequent keynote speaker in Big Data and HPC circles, he has been on the cutting edge of developments in this space for over 30 years.

Brent has successfully built multiple world-class technical teams to tackle challenging computational and data-heavy workloads, especially those involving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Former team members praise Brent for building a positive, healthy culture that sparks peak performance. With a history of successful entrepreneurial ventures as CEO and his passion for mentoring startups, he is ideally suited to serve as our next CEO Quest Managing Director.

Brent will provide expert advisory to tech startup CEOs of companies between $2M — $200M in revenue to advance CEO Quest’s mission: to help strong CEOs of promising companies make sharper decisions.

Please join me in congratulating Brent on his new appointment.