Where are All the Real Candidates for President?

Is anyone besides myself wondering where the real candidates for president of the United States of America are hiding? I honestly don’t see any, do you? Are they going to come into the race at the very last minute just when we are totally disheartened by our choices or do we actually have to make a choice from what is out there? I’m one of those people who believe the POTUS should be an extraordinary person. As much as you might not agree with me, President Obama is an extraordinary person. I’m proud to call him President. Bill Clinton is an extraordinary person. Jimmy Carter is an extraordinary person. President-elect Al Gore is an extraordinary person. George W. Bush, probably couldn’t spell extraordinary. I never did get past the monkey when it came to Reagan. Nixon was not even a very good person. I mean, I could easily write an individual blog about all of the aforementioned people but I just wanted to make the point that the POTUS is usually, and should be, an extraordinary person.

The Donald?

The Donald, on the other hand, should probably go back to Disney Land where he belongs because he is not even in the running for extraordinary, nor could he probably spell it. And even if he tried to spell it and spelled it wrong, he’d probably try to convince you that his way of spelling it was the right way. He probably saw it on television at one point. I bet Sesame Street even had something to do with it. I am completely and totally appalled by the man. He is a serial liar, xenophobe, racist, misogynist, and bully. And once again, I wonder if he even knows the definition of xenophobe or misogynist? Regardless, a person who repeatedly spouts comments against so many different groups of people cannot even begin to be the President of the most diverse country on the planet. One in which our very diversity is the biggest reason we are so great. I mean, for the love of this country, Trump shouldn’t even be allowed to run. There should be some kind of candidate enforcement that can revoke their right after a certain number of lies, slanders, racist comments, sexist attacks. I honestly don’t know why this man has so many followers.

Cruz and Rubio?

And please tell me what a Ted Cruz is? What kind of a name is that for president? President Ted Cruz. He sounds more like an actor or a NASCAR driver. Although I did find out today that Ted Cruz does have quite the education. One of the top three of all the candidates. But is he any better than any of the other Republican candidates? My answer is, well, he certainly isn’t extraordinary. And Marco Rubio? He honestly sounds like a mobster. Marco “The Fish” Rubio. Not that I have anything against the mob. They’re just not extraordinary. Which is why I won’t even go over the other republican candidates. They’re just not extraordinary.


Even though I believe Hilary to be an extraordinary person, I don’t think the rest of the voting public will ever believe her to be. She has the hurdle of her husband’s wrongdoings to overcome, and the recent Republican finger-pointing to overcome. I think she’s done a great job of separating her political career from her husband’s. She was a very good Senator for the State of New York and a very good Secretary of State.

I know, I did say that Bill was an extraordinary person, and I stick to my belief. This country of ours was never in better shape in the past 30 years than when President Bill Clinton was running the show. He made mistakes, but he did much more good for the country than his mistakes ever did badly for this country. If you want to talk about mistakes doing badly for this country, then you have to start talking about the Bush’s.

Feel the Bern?

Not considering all of the other candidates, because at this point, they really aren’t in the race anymore, we’re left with Bernie Sanders. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Bernie. He’s had an exemplary career. One in which little dirt can be uncovered about him. He’s been a great Senator, not allowing himself to be affiliated with either side of the aisle. Always fighting for what he believed to be right and not what was politically right for any particular party. And that’s probably one of the things that make him extraordinary. It’s also the one thing that makes him not quite fit the bill. He’s not a Democrat or Republican. The two political factions of this country won’t support him.

So, I’m left with the question I began with, where are the real candidates for president? I just don’t see any one of them getting into the White House. And quite frankly, if Trump finds his way to the White House, I’m leaving this country. Imagine what he will do for the world view of the United States if he were President. They’d hate us more than they did when the little Bush was president. By the way, I’m still ashamed of the fact that American’s voted him into office not once, but twice.

Where is Elizabeth Warren when we need her the most? Now, she’s an extraordinary person.

Originally published at matedero.blogspot.com on February 19, 2016.