It’s a fact of life….you will get HATERS.

PLUS, why it helps you in the long run to have Haters.

Real QUICK, I wanted to write this about…getting good feedback AND bad feebdack.

Becuase frankly, everyone’s going to get haters.

You’re going to get someone that is very disappointed, very upset that you’re doing something they’re NOT doing.

So, for example, every week I try to post an ad whether I need work or I don’t need work at this time.

I’m going to post an ad that way I can test what works and what doesn’t work in the market.

Getting feedback from everyone around me.

If you never get feedback, you don’t know what’s working and what doesn’t work.

So, post it no matter what you think. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just put it out there.

As long as you’re giving a little bit of value, you’re telling them exactly what you’re looking for, you’re giving them a puprose for this post and you’re grabbing their attention then you should be ok, just put it out.

You’ll get attention one way or the other.

But one big, BIG, BIG suggestion to remember is that you ARE going to get haters.

You ARE going to get negative comments on your stuff.

But this is also going to help your post get pulled back to the TOP of the newsfeed with each comment, like or share.

So every time you get a comment (whether positive or negative) will automatically show it to more people.

On the flip side — when you get negative comments, make sure to

“kill them with kindess!”

This means, always staying calm and NEVER letting their negative comments get to you.

Always, comment back with something like,

“Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!”

or “Keep crushing it, you’re doing awesome!”


Simple, every person who’s being negative has a different reason for this…they could be hacing a bad day, someone just left them or they were fired.

It may not even be your post that angered them or it could be that your post reminded them, there’s more they should be doing right now.

It’s ok, either way.

When you stay positive, this interrupts their negative thoughts and makes them question how you could still be nice.

Frankly, negative people can only take so much positivity until they either convert or leave.

Either way, you’re happy and your post is getting feedback.

BUT if you don’t take this feedback and put it into action, growing with the “upgrades” then you’ll stay in the same position — always wanting more and never quiet reaching it.

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