What if I told you, you don’t have to go to college to own a business?

Are you in college right now, to go into “Business?”

Then I agree with, Gary Vaynerchuk

…you’re doing it all wrong.

It’s unstable and will suck the energy right out of you.

Don’t forget, going to college will only build your debt, without promising a job/career after graduation.

Wouldn’t you rather learn “hands on?”

You see, the number of college graduates who return home to their parents after graduation, increases every year.

The thing is, your parents don’t want to take care of you anymore…

…you’re an adult now, get your shit together!

Honestly, I put off college for years because I was told I had to pay for it myself.

So, I got a job as a server, to build up my cash flow.

As you can inagine, I never quiet earned enough to live and go to college.

After getting sucked into the 9–5 for 2 years…

…I finally sat myself down and had a serious discussion.

You see, this year was special because I was introduced to the Internet and making money online.

Yes this discussion changed my life, I quit my job to go on and build my own online business…

…bc I decided that night, to never go to college unless I found something worth learning from a “professor.”

Honestly, there’s so many ways to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn, on the internet.

There are millions of websites who’ll teach you more than any professor could and in a way you’ll actually retain the knowledge.

Try to sit yourself down and have this huge discussion, about if you’re where you want to be.

You can learn way more about owning your own business by “trial and error.”

Go test it out yourself, it’ll be hard but I can promise you, it’ll be easier than school…

…and you actually learn something that’ll make you money. 😄💰💵👍

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