Bruce Rauner declares September 26th as Gold Star Family Day in Illinois

The 42nd governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, declared September 26th Gold Star Family Day, which honors the families of fallen men and women who have served the country in the line of duty.

Henry Sawyer opened the ceremony with special thanks to the families and went on to state the meaning behind this day.

Gold Star Family Day Ceremony is taking place. Families were honored for their loved one’s sacrifice.

“Today is Gold Star Families Day, a day we set aside for us to remember and thank the families who have lost a father, a brother, mother, or a sister. We recognize no one has given more for the nation than the families of the fallen. We wish to acknowledge those families today.”

James Frayser, a father who lost his son in 9/11, spoke on behalf of all the families in attendance.

“We are a group of folks who have had immeasurable sadness in our life. But today we choose to honor and celebrate the lives of the children we’ve lost.”

Bruce Rauner gave the final speech at the end of the ceremony and expressed his intentions of declaring a day specifically for the families of fallen soldiers. He has been a consistent supporter of veterans.

“Today we remember. Today we honor. Today we pay respect. Today we say thank you. We owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay. The one thing we can do every day, is remember your loved one.”

The ceremony ended with a moment of silence and a short selection played on the trumpet.

A moment of silence is given for the fallen soldiers. A selection with the trumpet is played afterwards.

Gold Star Mothers is another organization, established in 1928, that continues to honor through service.