Taylor Morrison — President of RTI

Hi my name is Taylor Morrison and I am the President of Ribbit Tutoring Incorporated. My mission for my company is to make education fun again. I am fourteen years old and attend SDVS. I have had past jobs working at Muirlands Middle School as a TA for the ELA and SPEC ED Department. I have also worked for the YMCA as an L-I-T Intern. And then finally I was a Camp Coordinator for the Boy Scouts of America. I have Business Leadership, CPR, AED, Basic First Aid, Childcare, Education, Technology & CR, Business and Economics training and certification. I love working with your children an can’t wait to see more education becoming fun,


Taylor Morrison (President and Founder of RTI)

Email: tmorris@ribbittutoring.org

Phone Number: 619–354–8804

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