I Am Excited, But I Do Not Want a Female Doctor Who

We’re in a period of time where it is popular to bash men, whether they deserve it or not. We’re also in a period of time where it is deeply unpopular to bash women, whether they deserve it or not. Consequently we end up in a situation where one sex has all the cultural power and the other has no power and no voice. It’s deeply unpopular to even suggest that sometimes men end up losing out because of feminist ideas. Hell, a lot of feminists even go as far to say that men deserve to lose, because women have been losing for millennia. The irony that they now end up being just as bad as the people they are so angry at is apparently lost on them.

This doesn’t need to be a zero sum game — Female empowerment need not come at the expense of men, and this is what most people fail to understand. We can improve the lives of men and women at the same time, we don’t have to worsen one sexes prospects to improve the other.

I personally don’t much care for Doctor Who, never have and never will. However your point about there not being many superheroes who use their intelligence rather than their fists to solve problems isn’t something I have thought about before, and you may well have a point. I suppose my problem with this is I’m not sure it’s entirely true because even though Superman, Batman, Spiderman and all the rest mainly use violence to solve problems, they often employ techniques that require quick thinking and intelligence to stop the bad guys. Did Doctor Who never use weapons to stop his enemies from doing bad things? I don’t know, I never watched the show, but I feel like he probably did.

I also feel like by suggesting we need more intelligent superheroes rather than ones that use violence we’re subtly reinforcing the idea that TV shows or PC games make children violent. I don’t really think this is the case. Children are more intelligent than we give them credit for. I’m sure your son is able to distinguish between TV violence as a form of entertainment and the real world. I’m sure he also has TV characters he looks up to, but also has people in real life that he looks up to whether that’s his dad, teacher or someone else.

Still, I think it’s an interesting point you’ve brought up and will require some more reflection.