Benefits of time tracking and how it improves productivity

Time tracking means to adjust the regular routine with effective time distribution. Time tracking and productivity go hands in hands with each other. For the professionals and business man where the financial benefits are restricted with time, one should clearly know the efficacy of time management.


For almost everyone and especially for business man or professionals usually their every second is valuable enough and a wastage of even a single moment results in drastic loss. It is a common perception that you can improve what you can measure. Time tracking is the essential tool to streamline the total workflow of an individual or a whole department.


Time is the single matric that truly affects the productivity. While working in a 9–5 office, the working hours are tracked and employers are paid according to them but when someone is working while staying at home still each and every minute should be calculated and valued as well. Time tracking is helpful for everyone as it increases efficacy of work as well as it improves productivity and raises the morale also.


· The initial stage at time tracking is to disintegrate the project to be done into smaller tasks, like divide the project between development, analysis and testing,

· One of the most important factor is to create such an environment where anyone can feel free to concentrate and focus on his project thoroughly,

· An accurate timer must be kept to record time involved in doing a particular task. This timer can be an ordinary pocket timer or an advanced timer in the form of smart phone or PC. This calculation of time involved in performing a particular task leads to better time management will also help in future projects.

· Keep an up to date record of the time spent on each kind of task for the scope of the project for both employer and worker.


Following are the outstanding advantages that one can experience by following time management.

· Through time tracking one can differentiate between the time spend on qualitative work versus the unnecessary one. Thus highlighting the quality of time.

· Time tracking brings to light the truth whether the time spend is on right track means in accomplishing the targets or it was just wastage of time.

· Keeping in view the results of time tracking one can tune and improve the time consumed in completing goals.

In short time tracking has unlimited benefits, the need of the day is how effectively one track his time and can improve productivity.

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