Planning for my first #100DaysOfCode challenge

Journey to be a better developer

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Who I am?

Hey there my name is Tushar Mehrotra & I am from Bengaluru, India. I am a front-end developer with around 4 years of experience. I have worked on html, css, jQuery, javascript, sass, bootstrap3, react, less, grunt & lot of jQuery plugins. When I get free time I write blogpost on medium, work on codepen also make videos on youtube.

Here are the links:

Portfolio(Will make a new one after this 100 days)




Then why I need this 100 days of code ?

Actually even though I can built good websites(I am talking about the frontend only) I don’t feel confident enough about my skills & I am more of a jQuery guy than a javascript guy(Yeah I can search on google & code in javascript too) but I am not looking for that.

Actually the reason to start this #100daysofcode challenge are many :

I want to be a good javascript developer.
I want to write good & clean code.
I should be able to code a webapp on my own.
I want to be involved in the community more.
I want to switch from being a frontend developer to a fullstack developer.

Can I do all this in 100 days?

Obviously no but at least i’ll get a start to proceed further & thats what it is all about to get started. To start doing something is much more difficult then to continue it. I’ll make further plans along side my challenge.

The main point is i’ll try this & i’ll not give up even if I failed to continue the challenge on somedays.

I feel like the what more important is to start & complete even if you took more than 100 days. Yeah I agree that if a person can do it for 100 continuous days that would be awesome but what my point is that if you took 120 days or 130 days that is fine too just complete what you started & that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Resources I am planning to cover


FCC frontend certificate
Understanding javascript the weird parts
Web developer bootcamp
Advanced web developer bootcamp
The complete react developer course
Modern react & redux course
Mysql bootcamp


You don’t know js series
Eloquent javascript
Javascript & jQuery interactive by jon duckett

Yeah I know you may be thinking it is too much for 100 days but remember what I told what more important is too start, continue & finish may be alongside this challenge I’ll make plans for my next #100daysofcode but thats future.

From where i’ll start ?

I’ll start with the complete react developer course by andrew mead & will look into javascript alongside the whole time. At least that’s what I have thought till now still I have to make accurate plans so at least every day I know what I have to do tomorrow may be i’ll cutdown on some course too & will focus on side projects I have planned to complete during this challenge.

Why I am writing all this if I am not sure what i’ll cover in this challenge

Trust me by writing all this I now got more clear picture of what i’ll do(atleast I have a list of resources to go through during the challenge yeah may be I need to cutdown some of them) then what I had earlier. I feel like writing helps to the writer & the readers both no matter what you are writing :)

Articles I look into time to time to keep me motivated

There are two reason to post these links here first is that you can also read & get motivated if you haven’t second(for my benefit) is I got a place to comeback & look into these links if I am feeling down ;)

Overall the goal of doing this #100daysofcode is to become a better frontend developer also to move towards a fullstack developer journey :)
Also on my first day of challenge i’ll write a article about exctly what & all i’ll cover during next 100 days along with first week planning & will try to write one article per week about my progress.

Thanks for taking time & reading it. Tell me about your thoughts if you have a similar goals like I have or getting started with #100daysofcode or something you want to share.