Career win rates of Korean LoL players (Pre-Worlds Update)

Another follow-up ahead of Worlds 2017 for the all-time winrates of Korean LoL players with at least 100 recorded games (according to the inven database). Obviously this is not to be confused with a list of “Greatest players”, as being an average player on a godlike team will grant you more wins than being a godlike player on a mediocre team.

I played around a bit with the excel sheet and added the amount of Worlds titles, Worlds participations and OGN/LCK titles for reference.

All the stats were taken from the inven match history database and includes Korean competitions (OGN Champions/LCK, OGN Masters, NLB as well as some minor Korean tournaments) and Premier international competitions (Worlds, MSI, IEM with Korean attendance). It does not include “foreign” competitions like LCS, LPL, LMS etc.