A character struggling with an enemy keeps a captivated reader guessing.

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Gathered around your dinner table, a delicious meal enjoyed mostly in silence, one parent asks the child, “How was school today?” Or, a wife asks her husband, “Did you have a good day at work?” On the flip side, “How was shopping today?”

Answers to these questions are not enthusiastically received, but responded to with a rolling of the eyes, a dismissive wave of the hand or a direct look as if to say, “What did you expect?”

We all know, at the end of a day…

Why can’t the bad guys win once in a while?

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Have you ever watched a movie or read a novel, then realized you’re rooting for the bad guy? I’m with you. Why can’t the bad guys win once in a while?

Of the many goals as a fiction writer, I want to make the antagonist as important, as real as the protagonist or the ‘good guy.’ If an author disregards essential qualities of the villain, wouldn’t your mystery, thriller or suspense story fall flat?

Introducing the antagonist into a force to be reckoned with is essentially doable. Remember, when…

Are you concerned about a piece of unfinished writing?

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Since the beginning, men and women, old and young have shared one common trait. This includes you and me, so don’t get any immune feelings right away. You can turn problems into opportunities by…

Getting something done.

For me, not finishing a project happens more than it used to. That’s my problem, not yours. …

Dialogue and prelude to the battle for life.

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“You’ll have to wait a minute. I just got the news you’re here.”

“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

You’ve gotta be shitting me. I’ve led a good, healthy life. What kind of new Hell is this?

“I know what you’re thinking, Tom.”

“Oh, we’re on a first name basis already? What do I call you?”

“People call me all kinds of nasty words when I arrive. But, to answer your question, just call me Mister C. Or, just C. I’ll answer to Cancer, too.”

“You aren’t fussy, are ya? Well, fuck you. I didn’t invite you.”

“I get…

An open letter to all mankind.

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My Dear People,

Allow me to reintroduce myself, just in case you forgot about me.

I go by several names. ‘Lucifer’ is my preference but you can call me whatever you want. You cannot offend me or provoke me either way.

Religions claim I am the anti-thesis of everything good. They’re entitled to their opinion.

You can forget determining how I look. Forget the visual of the burnt little man. I don’t carry a trident and certainly don’t have a pointed tail.

If I looked like that, do you think I’d reveal myself? I was the one who invented ‘vain.’

Once you throw out the rules, there’s no going back

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There’s a feeling you get writing a fiction story. This feeling makes your heart beat stronger, your mind opens up, fingers deliberately pound the keys as they struggle to keep up with your thoughts. Once you discover this feeling, there’s no going back.

Because, you see, you have tasted power. You’ve become addicted, taking control of characters you have created and directions they’ll go. …

Write and convey the truth in consideration of the reader.

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Many times before today, I’ve expressed how important writing is to me. Actually, it’s a part of me. I cannot imagine not being able to write. If there is a popularity list, my preference for writing fiction is at the top.

In consideration for my readers, most of my stories are written in the morning hours. That’s when my mind is fresh, full of ideas and above all, well-rested. …

Writing can become nerve-wracking and intense, so take time to refresh.

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Few activities in life have altogether consumed my life as the love of writing has. Similarly, writing is almost as important as sharing my life with my lovely wife and family.

Yes, writing has consumed my life. At times it can be nerve-wracking. Intense. It eats up my daily free time. It insinuates itself into my mind most of the time. Writing has cost me time away with friends and family.

Okay, this is only a portion of my

This feeling is like finding a long lost friend.

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Today’s activities will be marked on my calendar. I finally pulled a half-finished novel from my hard drive and blew the dust off it to reconsider. It’s been almost a year, when my decision was to pull the plug on it or save it for a rainy day. Or a day like this.

Scrutinizing why I abandoned the novel is a waste of time now. Before I rescued the incomplete works, I remembered some events from my life back then. Too many distractions had forced…

Two Ingredients make every recipe awesome

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This evening is my turn to fix dinner. It’s nothing new in our household find me in the kitchen, concocting a regular, meat, potatoes, and veggie dinner. Sometimes though, my family gets a surprise at the dinner table.

At least two of five nights a week when I prepare dinner, my goal is to avoid a mundane meal. I want to take my family away from the, ‘it’s only food’ ideology.

To any of you guys, whether you cook or would like to give…

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