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Love is as abstract as the wind
Magical as the moonbeam
Defies intellectual thinking
Science theories cannot explain
Either contradicts or complements.

Love when sown and nurtured grows
In leaps and bounds that could confuse
A Math wizard, the counting muse
Geologists yet to fathom the depth
Of a love considered great.

Opposites attract said the chemist
Positive reacts to negative
But in love, they are problematic
Safe common ground they seldom reach
And the result is explosive!

A man in love flies to the skies
The Earth’s gravity he defies
In a swimming bout at sea
He has the greatest buoyancy
Exceeds limits of velocity.

And all the love that he gives
Contradicts Einstein’s Physics
Because the reaction it reflects
Is never the opposite
When love we give, the same we take.

© Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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I kept you company at night
From when you were a little tyke
Made sure your room is warm and bright
Your childhood fears away I chased
With me you felt completely safe.

I’ve been with you all through your youth
Illumined paths so you won’t get lost
As you struggled to find your way
In a world littered with debris
Kept you from every harm’s way.

During nights cold and stormy
When rains threatened to quash my flame
I just flickered amidst the wind
I quivered but went on burning
I did not die, never gave in.

I know my wick will burn out soon
I wish you’ll replace it with your own
Please be a lamp for somebody
A babe or an old soul weary
A lost youth groping in an alley.

© Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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In my life’s journey
I walked a narrow pathway
Winding, dark, muddy.

All through my travel
Made the best of what was there
I conquered my fears.

This was all because
That path way was not my choice
God gave me that course.

He was there with me
Holding my hand all the way
Nudging me gently.

There were times I slipped
Stumbled and fell in the mud
But he pulled me up.

Near end of the path
Is where I am now at last
Standing wonderstruck!

Displayed before me
A smooth brightly lit highway
A pilgrim’s freeway.

Part of my journey
Will be pleasantly easy
The Lord’s gift to me.

© Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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A little bit of sinful sweets
Ice cream to lift my spirit
Delicate honey flavored wafers
Its crunch is music to my ears
Chocolate truffles, custard tarts
Heavenly to everyone’s hearts
Pieces of colorful candy chips
On top of yummy looking cakes
Slices of sweet strawberries
Could you resist any of these?
A little bit won’t be enough
I would love another dollop
Forget about the doctor’s crap
I’ll gladly indulge my taste buds
A single shot at life is all we get
A feast of these is worth an early death.

Copyright @
Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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Shiny peach colored lips
Stretched in a smile heart-shaped
Rows of pearly white teeth
Displayed arrangement neat
Reflection of petals
Not a piece haphazard
Such is creation’s way
Objective is beauty
Nothing was made ugly
Aim is joy constantly.

A magical perfect smile
Is fully bloomed flower style
It brightens a dark room
Eradicates the gloom
In hues of peach and gold
Pink, red and orange mold
That all summer days hold
A treasure trove of wealth
Of well-being and health
When dreams are realized
And soul is satisfied.

© Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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Looking back through the years
I wonder if I left a mark
Some footprints to testify
That in this world I once passed by
Had I touched any heart?

My only fervent prayer
Before I say goodnight
Hope I had not destroyed
A future of a child
As I went thundering by.

As all throughout my life
Was with adolescents
Thousand rebellious youths
Who I at times scolded
Some touched my heart instead.

Now that I am in my
So called terminal phase
My senses still sharp
Though my body is weak
In most places I ache.

Coming I know is a night
When I am going to sleep
And the next day won’t wake
But never will I rage
At the world, time and death.

Copyright @
Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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Sweet dreams are made of these:
Loving arms, passionate kisses
Tender words and promises
Straight from the heart’s deepest depths
Whispers of happy spirits.

Sweet dreams have tastes like these:
Juicy strawberries and grapes
Chocolate ice cream and cookies
Cinnamon and vanilla candies
That we munch on in our sleep.

Sweet dreams have a feel of these:
Triumphs and victories
Winnings without loses
Fame and wealth and its glories
A territory of fantasies.

Sweet dreams sometimes get you wet
With teary eyes you could awake
Sobbing in intense gladness
Joy to sustain you in blue days
Get you through life’s grinds and stress.

© @ Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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Of the four elements of Nature
Water is the one I most adore
Although Air I may need more
And on Earth I am anchored
While Fire supplies some of my comforts.

Water is a friend to Earth and Air
These elements love each other
They support one another
While Fire is their common foe
The three others could suppress it though.

Water is a treasure trove of wealth
A wonder drug for our health
A source of joy, fun and pleasure
Waiting for us at our leisure
Useful and immensely beautiful.

It is the lifeline of all creation
The hope of our planet’s salvation
For where there is water exists life
This truth is written in the stars
A reality that sun certifies.

© Myr Reyes E. Tejada



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Love in the twilight hours
Filled with autumnal flavors
Majestic in muted colors
With wisps of wilting fragrance
Of flowers’ last romance.

Has the lingering traces
Of noon’s torrid kisses
The freshness of dawn’s breath
Taste of the night’s cool lips
A delicious brew of bliss.

It is not fearful of the night
Whatever in it may lurk
For gone are the little kids
Scared of shadows in the gloom
Curbing love to fully bloom.

The kind of love story
Of peace and tranquility
Joy is sweetened by wisdom
Tempered by circumstance
Seasoned with its background.

This is a love affair
Matured in controlled flair
Sweet wine aged with care
A calm flowing river
Destined for the sea forever.

Copyright @
Myr Reyes E. Tejada



Myrna E. Tejada

Myrna E. Tejada

I write poetries that are worth reading. My ink is saccharine, a celebration of joy and not of pain. Come and get intoxicated with the sweetness of my poems.