America Needs People to Stop the Violent Rioting

Yes, I am mad that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Pretty much everyone I know is mad that Donald Trump won the election. It does not make any sense how he pulled off winning the election. I come from a very conservative family, and we have always voted Republican my parents have never not voted in a presidential election. This year finally I was going to get to vote in my first election, but in our families, eyes neither candidate was fit to run this amazing country. That is saying a lot, and once the results were in that Trump won my family and I were very upset. Donald Trump’s rhetoric is unfit to be the next president of this great country he greatly offended women, individuals, and whole races of people. He pisssed a lot of people off including me. It is understandable to riot. I want everyone to express the rights you have as a citizen of the United States. People have freedoms as citizens of the United States such as speech and press. You can write whatever you want, but at some point, it must stop. Riots have place and purpose if they are done peacefully. Sadly, that no longer is the case in most riots taking place around the country these riots have induced violence, vandalism, and hate.

These two tweets perfectly depict why the rioting needs to stop for America’s sake. People are burning and destroying things in the streets for no reason except to release their anger. Honestly, that is not even trying to make a real change, but just being selfish. That only us the people and our country not Donald Trump! Being that angry you cannot control yourself and you call for death on other people is crazy. I wish with all my heart everyone would realize these riots must stop. The riots do not hurt Donald Trump that hurt the citizens of the United States they hurt the small business owner who has to pay for someone destroying his property, it hurts the hearts of all the citizens who see innocent people getting beaten for their beliefs, and it hurts you the violent protestor destroying things in your rampage because it is your tax dollars that will pay for the damages done to government property. The riots are diving the country at a devastating rate, and if the riots keep happening it will only get worse. I know you are hurt, scared, and mad but this is not the way to do it you are hurting yourself, your loved ones, and the citizens of this country. Life is not fair it never has been and it never will be the world is a hard place to live in, and most of the time you do not get your way. If I could change it for you I would, but please don’t make the world harder to live in for everyone else. By violently rioting you are not going to make a change you are not going to make Donald Trump resign and stop him from becoming the next president. My view is if you want to make a change it is not going to happen this election we are stuck with him, but it can only be for four years. How about we stop all this madness and violence and channel the anger you have towards the election to a good cause. Our country is more divided right now than it has been in a long time especially with the police force and the African American community. The United States is already so divided in that way go channel your anger for good and figure out ways to help everyone get along. To all the violent rioters we need you, the United States was already divided before the election please do not make it worse. Don’t let a single man tear us apart. I promise we can make it through this no matter what. We will be ok we always have been and always will be if we can get a long and stick together, but please stop the violent riots.