About how we Met

Hi, Treble von Treblemaker here. What I am about to do is tell you about how Bass and I met.

It is a story that begins where many do, in a ninth grade cafeteria. It was there where we became friends. It was a cafeteria like any other. Male testosterone fueled at an all time high, girls were becoming attractive and not filled with the ravenous plague of “cooties”. There was no definite alpha male at this time, and all the guys wanted to be the one. However, there was a table off by the pasta bar where the men didn't want to be alpha male. They just wanted to live and have fun. It was where the Ikea-like meatballs of the pasta bar singed your nose hairs.

So, there were 10 people at this table. Six of them were good friends, but have absolutely no pertinence to this story. The four of us that did will go on with their nicknames; Treble, Bass, Suckerpunch, and Cakes.

Cakes was mild mannered and calm minded. He is slightly shorter than I was. I stand at a proud 5' 9" (about 5' 5" at the time), and at the time the heaviest in the group. Not fat, but chubly (which is what I am now). Well he was unless you talked shit on Star Wars. He was the keystone in this relationship connecting me to Bass. I knew him from seventh grade, where we became good friends bonding over a mutual love for history. He and Bass grew up in the same neighborhood, and knew eachother for a long time. That’s enough about him though. Maybe in the future we can tell you anecdotes about this easily solved enigma of a man.

Suckerpunch was the tallest in the group, standing at a towering 6' 1" and a tad taller now. He had the body type of a Gazelle with the grace of a drunkard. His importance is solidified by the sole fact of his existence.

Bass was quiet and didn't talk to me much at first. He was a tall cup of water, but only like half a foot tall. Like seriously he’s short as hell. He was mild mannered, and has a face shaped like a “C”. He is very insecure about it, but I dog on him all the time. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love to hate him.

Now onto me. I’m built, but in a fatty kind of way, but I still have a good amount of muscle. Calculating, I do everything I can to advance myself, I’m a cool guy but I look out for numero uno. Me, well don’t tell my girlfriend that… she’ll kill me.

So how did we become friends. It all started when the four of us decided to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. I was vocals, but I suck so Cakes had to harmonize us. Suckerpunch did the low part, and Bass kept us in rythm. It was fucking beautiful. Not as good as Freddie Mercury, but still fucking good.

That’s about it for our story. We kind of talked in grades 10 and 11, but other than that not much. Then, we found out in grade 12 we were going to the same univeristy. So, we decided to be roomates.