China carbide cutter — — Toonney Carbide Depot

Carbide cutter is usually used for cutting in machine manufacturing, so it also called carbide cutting tools. Toonney carbide ccutter factory has specilized in carbide tools and carbide cutting tools for many years. What’s more, Toonney carbide cutter factory gets good reputation at home and abroad for its good quality and satisfying price of carbide cutter. The vast majority of carbidecutter are used for machine, but there are also hand-used carbide cutter. Because carbide cutter are used commonly for cutting metal, so it also can be called metal cutter.

Toonney carbide cutter factory have more than 10 years experience of producing carbide cutting tools and sometimes Toonney carbide cutting tools factory can accept customized carbide cutter. How can customers get their customized carbide cutter? First, customers need to tell Toonney the usage and working condition of carbide cutter. Then the designer will know which solid carbide material is best suitable for the customized products. Then the size and shape will be confirmed one by one. Because all customized carbdie cutter will be used in cutomers’ machine, if the size is wrong, there is a big lost for Toonney and customers both. ( customized size will not be suitable for other machine, so all customized carbide cutter will be useless.). At last there will be a desinging drawing with all details for customers to comfirm. After customers confirming, Tooney will make some samples according to the drawing. And then Toonney will send the samples of customized carbide cutter to customers for finial confirming. If customers think samples are ok, Toonney will make mass products. All steps will be nice and easy.

There is no exact minimum order quantity. Don’t worry it. But customers need to note that on the second order, the total amount of carbide rods should be not less than 1000USD. And Toonney carbide cutter plant offers good sales-after service. If the products are really bad and it proves that the responsbility is on Toonney part. Toonney carbide cutter manufacturer will take fast action to find out the problem cooperating with customers. And then Toonney will try it best to slove the problem. If possible, Toonney carbide cutter plant will also give a discount on the next order.

The material of carbide cutter is solid carbide. In chemistry, a carbide is a compound composed of carbon and a less electronegative element. Carbides can be generally classified by chemical bonding type as follows: salt-like, covalent compounds, interstitial compounds, and intermediate transition metal carbides. Examples include calcium carbide (CaC2), silicon carbide (SiC), tungsten carbide (WC) (often called simply carbide when referring to machine tooling), and cementite (Fe3C), each used in key industrial applications. The naming of ionic carbides is not systematic.

Toonney is a famous local factory, so Toonney carbide cutter factory can get some supporting form the government. Toonney carbide cutter manufacturer gets poweful and helpful supporting policies in financial items. In addition, Toonney carbide cutter plant also can create favourable conditions fot itself in the intem of exporting carbide cutter. In international trade, supporting policy from government is really important also.