AGON — Developed for Awesomeness

AGON is the ancient Greek term for contest

Undoubtedly we live in a digital world, where technology innovations happen on a daily basis. Electronic sports (eSports) naturally blossom in such an environment. Esports revolutionized video gaming in the recent years. The likes of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota and League of Legends are attracting more and more fans every day. Its save to say that professional electronic gaming is a multi-million industry nowadays.

DOTA 2 Grand Final — The International 3 vs Na’Vi

The total prize money for 2015 reached almost 50.000.000, 00 US dollars. The amount was distributed amongst the best of the best pro video gamers. And even though we do not doubt their individual abilities as competitive video gamers, we know they use the best hardware gear available to tip the scales in their favor. Headphones, customized gaming computers, and mouse that look more like a transformer are fundamental for success on the highest level.

The importance of appropriate displays in competitive gaming was, until recently, very often neglected, or belittled. Panel producers simply could not keep up with the pace of video game developments. Not anymore. AOC Gaming launched their sub-brand AGON in 2016. It proves to be the most complete gaming line-up the market has seen in a very long time.

AOC established itself as one of the top brands in the display market globally in recent years. At its core, the company strives for high quality, charming designs and first-rate services. It’s constantly evolving (in accordance with the latest innovations) ergonomic monitors win the trust of more and more consumers every day. The Taiwanese company offers high-quality displays that serve the needs of every type of user, be it home, professional or entertainment. Its AGON sub-brand focuses on the way more demanding gaming audience.

The rich line-up of AGON covers all fastidious needs of the modern-day gamer. The visual precision and image quality in the gaming monitors are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Ask any professional gamer and he would agree. Fundamentally the monitors are engineered not only with the latest technology but incorporate admirable exterior designs too.

IPS and TN panels are both used in the AGON line-up. In order to provide the gamers with the most versatile gaming experience possible, the series incorporate the latest premium technologies such as Flicker-free technology, enriched with either NVidia’s G-sync or AMD’s FreeSync. The TN panels cater the needs of the fast-paced competitive gamers (CS:GO, CoD). Response times of 1 ms, refresh rates of 144Hz or higher ensure the smooth, ghosting-free gaming. Amid the series you can find the fastest monitor every to step on the market. The thin-bezel AG251FZ can support refresh rates up to the astonishing 240Hz.

The most complete gaming monitors series the market has seen

Furthermore, the line-up provides both flat and curved screens for full immersion and optimization of your gaming skills. The list of amazing features, designed to serve you goes on and on. Height-adjustability, tilt, swivel, speakers and USB 3.0 ports are the default fundamental features incorporated in the design of the series. Sizes are quite diverse too. The smallest ones come in elegant 24’’ panels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The largest one as of now, is the impressive 35’’ ultra-wide, with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Last but not least, resolutions from FHD all the way to 4K.

Developed for awesomeness. Living up to the expectations. Any monitor from the charming AGON series will undoubtedly compliment your gaming machine and look beautiful on your desk even when it is turned off.

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