Five of the best gaming monitors in 2017

Regardless of your qualification as a gamer — PC, console, pro or simply casual — the hardware you use can be decisive for your success. The line between triumph and disaster is very thin. And sometimes it’s a monitor. In order to ensure your victorious streak you would need to gear up with not just a powerful PC but a display that can support and show the fast-paced games, without any blurs, flicks or ghosting at that.

We have looked into the best gaming monitors of 2017. Then result was a chart of the best gaming displays on the market right now. While comparing the monitors, we outlined the most compelling features that should be taken into consideration when buying a new display. Amongst the weighing factors were the panel technology, size and resolution; pixel response and refresh rates; and last but not least G-sync and FreeSync technologies.

  1. Acer Predator XB270HU

Despite its steep price Acer’s Predator covers all points when it comes to gaming. Its AHVA panel ensures the vivid, crisp images and high-contrast. The monitor supports G-Sync that ultimately makes it suitable for hard-core gaming. On top of all this, the 27’’ beast comes with an enormous 2560x1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz.


Unlike the Acer Predator, the AOC AGON 271QC is equipped with AMD’s FreeSync technology. It saves a considerable amount of cost in production so this display comes in a slightly more affordable price. The resolution is still quite amazing with its 2560x1440 at 144Hz refresh rate. It ticks the 1 ms response time box too which is rather imperative for a gaming monitor. The 27’’ real estate is boxed in a TN panel, that is generally not as good as the IPS ones when it comes to color reproduction. The sRGB color-gamut is a good way to compensate this.

3. Samsung C24FG70

Where to start from? This magnificent curved monitor seems to have it all. From a response time of 1ms to a refresh rate of 144Hz, this display will decorate any desk you put it on. Despite a compromsie on the panel (VA), Samsung have succeeded in making this one stand out of the competition. Equipped with the innovative Quantum Dot technology, the monitor covers the impressive 99.6% of the sRGB color-gamut. The 1,8000r curveture ensures a fully-immersive gaming experience despite the somewhat dissapointing 1920x1080 resoltion. The size of the screen is 24 inches.


No better resolution to sink into the virtual gaming world than the 4K. And this beautiful AGON AG271UG supports the demanding resolution with ease. The IPS panel only inhances the color reproduction so you can fully experience what is like to see the world through a 4K window. The refresh rate might be diminished (sitting at 60Hz) due to its IPS panel but its worth it every little bit. The low input is relatively low and the response time is surprisingly satisfactory at 4 ms, which is impressive for an IPS-panel. Furthermore, the monitor is equipped with USB 3.0 ports, an ergonomic base (fully height-adjustable, tilt and swivel) and a metal headphone stand. All this in a 27’’ masterpiece.

5. ViewSonic XG2700

Similarly to the AOC AGON AG271UG, this ViewSonic display operates in a 4K resolution that runs at a generic refresh rate of 60Hz. It has a decent response time (5 ms) for an IPS panel but excels in color reproduction. Unlike the AGON AG271UG the ViewSonic is equipped with a AMD FreeSync technology rather than the more reliable G-Sync. Despite all this, the monitor offers incredible colour accuracy due to its sRGB color gamut. Also comes in a 27’’ size.