How to become a professional gamer

Many of us played games as adolescents. Some of us were good, others not that much. Everybody played for the thrill, for the victory, for the indescribable emotion when you secure a win. Feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins was a truly amazing experience. There were many different games. In some of them you had to rely on your individual skills while in others you had to be a good team player.

The road to the top is long

There were not many players that dared to dream of playing their favorite game for a living at the beginning of the century. But as game developers sorted out a way to make games more competitive than ever, and technology being revolutionized virtually every single day, this dream seems more realistic nowadays. The video gaming industry had boomed in the recent years. It brought with itself a new generation of eSport professionals. These are youngsters that win a lot of money playing their favorite games. And even though only the truly talented and dedicated get to the top, more and more adolescents are now daring to dream of becoming a professional gamer. And even though only a few make it to the top, the numbers of casual gamers hungry for success at a professional level seems constantly high.

The road of conquering the world’s top in any competitive eSport is not easy. It involves an enormous time of dedication, analysis and practice. And even though everyone has their own unique way of excelling in a certain game, there are a couple of universal rules you need to follow that would facilitate your ascend to the top.

Takes years of practice to conquer the top

First of all — practice. Practice makes perfect. Everyone has a favorite game that he can play a couple of hours per day. But how many would be dedicate enough to play more than 10 hours? Playing for fun is one thing but playing for a living is whole different story. You have to keep motivated day in, day out. Mastery should be a necessity not a luxury. Playing with worse players than you could boost your confidence but it will not do you any good in the long term. You need to constantly play and learn from the better players than you. Hopefully some day you will be able to surpass them.

Learn from best practices. Like being successful in business, studying the ones that have succeeded before you would only serve you good. There is no universal formula but you would be surprised by the similarities in the different success stories. Similar to school, you need to derive the right conclusions after a loss and do your homework. Think about the strategies or skills you need to work on additionally to improve your overall gaming.

Furthermore, you need to stay on top of your emotions. Controlling rage is fundamental for succeeding in the competitive video gaming. You will lose games. Come to peace with it and turn the tides in your favor. I cannot stress how important it is to remain focused on your individual gaming and not succumb to the temptation of bursting into rage when things do not go your way. Even in team-based games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Last but not least, you might need to invest in hardware gear. The tools you need to achieve your goals are just as important as your dreams. Picking the right PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor could only be beneficial for your game.

Did I mention practice?