The NUMA way of doing great products

The NUMA methodology is a proven tool for startups to identify customer pain points and design MVPs and quickly test them at a very low cost. It’s a method that’s proven it’s merit for over 5 years across different startups and accelerators.

Today I had the opportunity to conduct another session along with Clarisse Tonnon and Soham Mondal at Numa Bengaluru for delegates from HEC Paris.

This is part of the NUMA open innovation program that's conducted for corporates and startups.

1 2 3 Design

The key idea behind this methodology is a very simple 1,2,3 but I have noticed that despite its obviousness most people fail to adopt it in their product development cycles. At a broad level these steps are —

  1. Create a persona of your customer
  2. Identify a painpoint
  3. Validate your assumptions by doing a very quick MVP
  4. Identify metrics and test your MVP.

As obvious as they sound, it’s surprising to see how people struggle to understand and implement these steps in there product lifecycle.

As a product designer consulting with multiple startups, I have to constantly remind myself and my team to keep this methodology at hand. I would strongly recommend everyone to take a moment from their busy schedules and think about these steps, and try to implement some form of it in your team.

If you need more details or want to chat more about how to go about it, hit me up on amititash AT gmail DOT com. Always happy to help, share ideas and hear new ones.