Quick tips to note when creating your first board game

In episode 22 of ‘The Nobody’s Famous Podcast’, Mohamed Al Qadi takes us through his process into creating the first Emirati board game: Conqueror - Final Conquest. He was always fascinated by strategy games ever since the Total War series came out, however with board games, he struggled to find something that was authentic and realistic without having wizards or mages creep up mid-game. …

Stuttering. Hot and Cold Flushes. Blood rushing through your hands, shaking uncontrollably. Your face turns pale, sweat emerges from your temple, and your breathing becomes heavy. We all have been through the flight-or-fight response when facing the crowd, who glare right into your soul — mercilessly.

Public speaking can be daunting… walking into a room full of curious faces, the ambiguity of not knowing how they will respond to you… makes it even more unbearable.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when you dissect the “fear of public speaking”, While it can be scary, let’s talk about why public speaking isn’t as horrifying as it sounds. …

“Ultimately what the Artist and the Artist Management want is to make sure you’re going to do everything you said you’re going to do” — Jason R. Johnson

Beginning of season 2, episode 14 of our Nobody’s Famous Podcast, we met with Jason R. Johnson who started his promoting career thanks to Future (Drake’s manager).Opportunities then spawned with launching Chris Rock’s movie, Top Five, to becoming a partner at the Wildflower nightclub in Toronto. Born and raised in Canada, Jason can now be found in the Northeast end of the Arabian Peninsula, in the United Arab Emirates. Jason’s extensive experience in the music scene and nuanced understanding of the industry’s language has allowed him to provide key insights on how to close deals with Artist Managers. …


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