Why I “Need” an AR-15
Jon Stokes

a lot of the anti-gun kids over here aren’t just uncomfortable about guns, they’re patently afraid of them. second, 99% of these hoplphobes have no idea what violent crime is all about. you don’t like a firearm at home? that’s your right. yada yada yada. and then your home is broken into. you’re fine with waiting for the cops to show up? GO RIGHT AHEAD. seems like these days you’re likely to get shot. OK that might be a cheap shot against our police, but since when did they ever show up on time to prevent a crime as its happening? you deal with those odds, I’ll keep my rifle and we’ll fight for our own lives.

and the fact that its very easy to shoot, has a good number of ammunition, and I can put all kinds of laser doodads on it means it improves our chance of survival. its a life saver for me, but just looking at it makes some of you cry. wow

seriously. first world problems. bunch of chickes too afraid to face your own mortality and take responsibility for your own safety. don’t make it harder for me, and I won’t make it harder for you.

your irrational fear does nothing to make you safer.

.I.. ..I.