Finding thread-mill for father!!..

I was adamant about joining the gym and I think my father got inspired by my spirit to keep himself fit. So he has decided to buy a thread mill for the family. But the sad part is that we have a beautiful ground infront of our house and my father doesn’t want to workout there because sometimes​ the guards won’t allow us in. So here we are in search of an affordable and durable thread mill. We have visited quite a few websites in search of our idle one. So finally my father picked one. But my mom is against this plan of buying a thread-mill because she knows that my father will use it for 40 days max and push it to the corner after than. This happened with the cycling machine we bought a year ago. Nevertheless father is the head of the family and in order to keep him happy we all complied.

Buying the machine is the difficult task here. Finding it a suitable place in the house and also its maintenance is the major task. I hope buying the thread-mill will be the best decision of our lives.

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