The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All
Sammy Leonard

Not being American and not living in the US, American politics nevertheless interest me — and impact me.
From that distant European perspective, Sanders has appeared to me (with my leftist political ideals) the most desirable candidate — and also the candidate who wouldn’t be able to get anything done, because hardly anyone would support his reforms in congress.

Sanders out meant my support went to Hillary despite me not very much liking her — she became the lesser of two evils when compared to Trump, her flaws being very much blown up by Republican propaganda, hatred spewed by people who are by no means innocent themselves.
Post election I find myself supporting Bernie Sanders since he is repeatedly reminding everyone of Trump’s campaign promises vs what comes out of Washington DC since the 20th of January.

However my distant observation point also means that there’s a lot of things which I miss. That passes by me, that I don’t read, that I’m not aware of.

So while I can’t share your anger I’m glad I read your piece and have more information now about various issues and events, and for giving me a more nuanced view of many things.

Thank you for writing this all down and posting it.

— Tim