Content Marketers: Can Your Info Product Make It As A Membership Site?

This is great. I’d love to add a couple of things:

  1. As you mentioned, starting a community for your customers can be a great move, even if you don’t already use a membership/subscription model. In addition to the benefits mentioned, doing so can often lead to a membership business, as people see the value that being a member of the community brings. We’re currently helping a client add a membership offering to their business, as a direct result of having a community for their single-payment customers.
  2. Frequent new content offerings is a great churn-reduction tactic. In addition, a community component can also make a huge difference in your churn rate. It can serve both to increase and diversify the value your members get, and also bridge the gab between new content being published, if you’re even in a slow period.
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