Podcast: Modern Mentoring with Author Randy Emelo

I recently caught up with Modern Mentoring Author Randy Emelo in his Denver office and had a great Q&A Chat.

Randy Emelo

Randy’s book, Modern Mentoring is on our platform on BlueBottleBiz. After reading the book, I was intrigued.

In our podcast, Randy talks about how modern mentoring differs from traditional corporate mentoring programs, which mostly aim to bring “high potential” employees into leadership roles.

Modern mentoring takes a more holistic approach, according to Randy. And, programs are driven by the incorporation of mentoring into every learning opportunity — from on-boarding to skill building, to leadership development. Its philosophies also assume that everyone has something to teach (and learn). Modern mentoring diverges from the traditional “top-down” teaching models by offering far more opportunities for targeted learning interactions. These interactions may include bite-sized learning modules or virtual meetings.

If you’re thinking about starting a mentoring program in your organization, this is worth the listen.

Here’s the full Podcast

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