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I sent a (really short) email to my main crew over at Really Short Emails with a simple subject line…

Do you keep a daily journal?

The responses were plentiful! Plenty of yeses and nos, different styles of journaling, and varying frequencies…

Twice per day, once on Mondays, whenever it makes sense…

Some keep theirs focused on personal goals, others used their journal as a work log.

It varies!

One reader wrote back and said, “Am I doing it wrong?

There is no wrong, but I find certain styles of journals can be more cumbersome than they need to be…

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I think the art of theming is a mystical life hack that very few people take advantage of.

A few years back, my aunts and a few family members were choosing their “one word” for the year. I thought this was an interesting concept. The idea was that reflecting on the single word would provide guidance, direction, power, and understanding in their life for the entirety of the year. I didn’t buy into it.

Then, at some point last year, I was listening to my favorite podcast on productivity, Productivityist Podcast, and host Mike Vardy was talking about his THREE…

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Dad. Husband. Nerd. Product Marketing Manager by day at AWeber. Writer/gamer/maker/podcaster by night. Opinions are my own, if not, that’d be weird.

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