TNT holds annual Awards Banquet

The Awards banquet was held in the Nevis School cafeteria on Monday.

On Monday (5/1), TNT held it’s annual main season Awards Banquet. The Banquet provides an opportunity for mentors to recognize outstanding team members with letters and awards. During the banquet, each student also receives a meticulously-selected “gag gift” object that commemorates memorable actions and activities throughout the season. Over 50 team members and their parents attended the event.

Team members meeting the criteria for lettering must have attended at least one regional competition. New members lettering received a robotics patch (denoted P), and members lettering for their first time in any activity received their “N” for their letterman’s jacket (denoted N). Members lettering for subsequent years received a chevron (denoted C).

Seniors — Ryan Buck [C], Brandon Mountjoy [C], Isaac Pizarro [C], Brea Pohl [C], Wyatt Tauber [C], Austin Yabandith [P]

Juniors — Matt McNamara [C], John Merila [C], Paco Castrejon [PN]

Sophomores — Tom Aman [C], Lyssie Byer [P], Kaylee Halik [C], Nicole Kalla [C], Autumn Vogel [PN]

Freshmen — Nicole Bayman [PN], Kaia Dunham [P], Megan Geraedts [P], Anna Hennagir [P], Ivy Huckbody [P], Shannon McGrath [C], Maddie Mitchell [C], Madison Soldwisch [PN], Ethan Tauber [C], Michael Wegscheid [P], Sierra Wroolie [PN]

8th Grade — Dawson Andress [PN]

TNT’s graduating seniors (L>R): Ryan Buck (pit crew), Brandon Mountjoy (drive team), Isaac Pizarro (drive team), Brea Pohl (safety), Wyatt Tauber (programming, PR)

After the awards, members received their gag gifts, ranging from clocks for being chronically late to toy compasses for getting lost during competition to “googly eye” glasses for having exaggerated staring contests with mentors. The team also received a mystery gift from their sponsor “Uncle Richard”, which they were required to compete for through a game.

The Awards Banquet concluded TNT’s main season. FRC off-season activities will be listed shortly on To view pictures of the Awards Banquet, visit TNT’s photo album.