To Be or Not to Be

I remember one of my very first poems that I wrote and performed, it was titled “Identity”; mind you, this was over 10 years ago. I let my heart bleed through the pen onto those pages, my mind time traveled back to buried insecurities, addressed harsh truths and even challenged others to learn themselves. Sounds like an ah-ha moment, maybe even commendable and inspiring, right? Well, what happens when that moment of realization happens and passes and you find yourself back asking, “Who am I”?

What I did not take into account is that life changes and we must learn to adapt, many times needing to evolve as well. But one thing that should remain constant is a sense of self, boldly, confidently and unapologetic. I have heard many say, speaking it myself if we’re being honest, I can turn on and off certain personalities depending who am I around. Now, one might say, that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing; however, I remain concerned, concerned with the motive behind the switch. Are we fearing rejection if we are not conforming to the company we are presently keeping, are we uncomfortable with bringing our own flavor to the table or are we simply unsure about who we are? I personally opt to admit, all three. Now, I love me without a doubt, so what is the problem? I’m glad you asked, ok, I’m glad I asked..I looked into the mirror of my soul again and asked the same question I asked over 10 years, “Do you know who you are, do you know your own identity?”.

I finally had answers, new and old, but they were answers nonetheless. I found that I needed validation and acceptance from whomever I encountered because it made me feel good to be liked; BUT I did NOT always feel good during and/or after these encounters, feeling foolish even. When I was able to be me in whatever mood/moment/occasion, whichever personality decided to come out, intentionally, those were the times I felt free. I decided..I can’t please everyone, everyone’s personality won’t mesh with mine and everyone is a lot of friends to have.

I loved me before, but now I like me too; trust me there is a difference. I choose To Be me in all things because I choose self freedom and happiness over the accommodations of others. I encourage you Not to Be anyone other than yourself, if asked to be otherwise is company you don’t need. Let’s agree to be our own individual prototypes and help others to seek the same.

*Be Blessed, but don’t forget to Be a Blessing*