A Square Peg in a Square Hole

A collection of things I learned from my dad — Part 1

Tyler Tucky
Jul 30, 2015 · 3 min read

Every Thursday I think of that call. It’s the one I will not be able to stop replaying over and over, “he’s gone.” While in that excruciating moment I thought I understood what that meant, however I could not have been more wrong. My dad is not gone, he’s very much present in the stories, lessons and memories that I will never let go of.

So I feel it is only fitting to share some of those. They will likely be on a Thursday; and I can’t promise every Thursday. But at least on the 25th of the month I’ll be writing about some of the stories that as my sister wrote, came from my legend of a dad.

So let’s talk about dad. The man of very few words knew exactly what to say and how to say it when he wanted to. He could talk about almost any subject and know what he was talking about. I draw so much inspiration from the way that he was able to communicate, that I know will carry through with me forever.

“A square peg in a square hole.”

Dad had a way about words where you always knew what he was talking about. He was plain spoken, easy to understand and filled with experiences that you could relate to (most of the time). The man knew exactly who he was, what he believed in as right and wrong & so much more that just fit him to a T. That was my dad for you; he was individualistic while being devoted to his family, local while being worldly. He was understanding and he was unique.

Dad maximized on being unique, especially in Las Vegas and it made a difference. He took pride in not only himself being a unique figure that how he wanted Maddy and I to be. We both have been told over and over how proud he was of us, and it is just now beginning to come together why and how he was so proud.

His pride came from many places, but a majority of it came from where Maddy and I went to school. The Golden Eagle and Trojan fan clubs lost one of their biggest supporters with dad. He wore the crap out of our school colors. But most of all he was proud of where we were. He without fail would tell me over FaceTime that I was a square peg in a square hole.

Being a square peg makes you unique, and to some extent we are all square pegs. The trick is to find the people, places or things that match your shape. Those square holes are the ones that will treasure your uniqueness and help you shine. Along the way there will be many people who become cheerleaders and are proud of where on the game-board of life you are. Keep them close to you, and never forget how proud of you they truly are. Finding the square holes can sometimes be a great challenge, but with perseverance you undoubtedly will know when you find it.

Dad, I can’t thank you enough for pushing me to be a square peg and to find my square holes. I miss your help and guidance but hope that others can learn from you a fraction of what I did. Love you dad.

Tyler Tucky

Written by

Higher education professional. @XaverUniv employee. @MarquetteU alumn. Hockey aficionado. #SCOTUS groupie. #BeYourself

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