New Year, Same Me

Tyler Tucky
Jan 1, 2016 · 3 min read

It’s the first day of 2016, and well I feel the same way I did yesterday. My internal clock woke me up at the same time, coffee cake and coffee were both consumed, all is typical in the Tucky household. Lurking just below the surface though there is great optimism about the start of a new year. 2015 was a rough one. Yes, there were some great events and happy memories from the year, but they were masked by tragedy.

And so with the dawn of a new year, I am the same person I have always been. With a new year though I am going to make some resolutions and commitments to myself and others. I’ve made resolutions previously and yes it is hard to keep them. However with your help, publishing this story, and plenty of tips from the interwebs this could be the year!

  1. Visit 4 National Parks — I love traveling, most people do. One of the best ways to remain healthy, travel and see the beautiful country is to step outside more. I’ll be visiting 1 National Park a quarter, and purchased my yearly pass this morning. You might be asking where am I going? I’m looking for your suggestions — what parks should I visit?
  2. Read 30 minutes a day — Reading unlike traveling is something I am not in love with. Being told what to read in school was never my schtick. However this weird phenomenon occurs when you grow up, you get to read whatever you want with no timelines. This year I’ll be reading what I want to on my own timeline and keeping track to it via Goodreads, thanks to Sterling G. Hardaway for inspiration to unplug & keeping track.
  3. Improve mental & physical health — This is a staple on everyone’s list but there are some tangible ways, via Wyatt Massey, to make this goal possible. I am on a vitamin regiments for all of those who didn’t ask but were curious. Additionally, I have signed up for a gym, have some meditation tips saved and understand/appreciate the need for mental care. What is your tip to remain healthy?
  4. Learn something new — I might not have always let on to this at all times, but I love learning and school. My passion for new learnings is burning a whole in my head, and so the easiest way to cope is to enroll! I’m leaning towards a photography class or two.
  5. Publish Tucky’s take every Tuesday — This one is simple … write more. If you’re looking for a weekly delivery of articles you might have missed with my point of view, and a gif attached then please subscribe!
  6. Increase involvement in my communities — Communities are groups of people with a common identity working towards something greater. Well, I haven’t been the best at getting involved post-graduation and it is time to change that. To be more involved I am working with Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, volunteering for my uncle in law's state assembly campaign (hopefully) and working with a local community center.

Those are my 6 resolutions for 2016. I hope to take you on a journey as I cross these off the list throughout the year, and I ask that you keep me accountable to these promises.

A big thank you to Joe Bartoletti and Wyatt Massey for pushing me to write down my resolutions and make them obtainable. And a large shoutout to Tim Cigelske and Sterling G. Hardaway for inspiring me to write more.

Tyler Tucky is a hockey nerd, LGBT advocate, and SCOTUS groupie. He is a social media strategist & Marquette University alumnus living in #LasVegas.

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