Never Make Yourself Like Others

Some of my seniors said you are good, you will do good. What I did? I believed them. I worked in a small company before this one. There everyone was happy with my skills. You know what that made me

  • I thought I don’t need approval for anything.
  • I gradually slowed my learning process. Duh! I was the only “little intelligent” person there.
  • I never Make mistakes. That’s what I thought

Then I came to a good place with my old skills. At first it was all good. Then I started releasing that I am a stupid person who was living in some dream world. I listened them who were not really successful. Here I feel, I know very little. I feel chalanging. My mind is still not able to adapt that I need to learn so much. But I am trying. My presence of mind was horrible.

“Habits does not leave you easily”

But you need to try, to become a better person. You may get failed. You may feel paranoid, but it’s all worth it.