I start my Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

This is my first thought on starting this course.

Learning new skills is something requires yourself to fully gather and get over your current situation. Your current shell has to be replaced by another bigger one. It’s never considered to be easy. What is the problem you are having now? Losing your motivation of finishing what you already started. Ask these questions:

- What made you want to start this Nanodegree?
- What is the expected outcome from this course?
- Will your life be better or worse if you could finish this?
- Do you want to be able to work independently from anywhere with these new skill-set?

I’m sure all of these questions will remind you how much valuable this course could bring into your career and your life.
Now talking about the methodology of solving your problem:

- STEP 1: Define your problem, if you could describe your problem in a way that you fully understand and someone else have no common context could understand too then you’re good to go next steps.
- STEP 2: Link to your own knowledge base. What is the most similar experience you had with this problem. If there is any, how did you solve previous one? Go applying that problem solving method into this current one to see if it works this time
- STEP 3: If step 2 did not help, find a reference to your problem
 — Google as hell to see if anybody out there had the same problem.
 — Is there any StackOverflow question already?
 — Any blog posts on the same topic?
 — Documentation sometimes helps as the last resource if it’s a specific framework/language/technology problem.
- STEP 4: Find some senior/mentors who could help your the direction to solve that problem. This step is essentially dependent on step 1! Why? because you need to describe your problem in such a clear way so your mentor/senior adviser could understand it and help give you guidance.
- STEP 5: If you have been through all these above steps and still have no way out then congratulations! You have met unprecedented problem to solve, you now have chance to make a great breakthrough!!! 
Or you just need to take pivoting to find another way around your problem. That will definitely work too.

As a developer for the past 6 years, what I have learned so far is that there are so many things out there to be learned. But to select what is the most important thing to you at a specific period of your career is something totally different. You must listen to yourself, the the echoes from the market and reflect your vision into it. That’s to say I’ll need this front-end skill-set to support my personal hobby projects (several in the list, some in the WIP :-) ).

Clearly, that’s the ultimate goal: Learn to get my stuffs done!