The problem I have had for years with planning

It has never been easy to build up a good plan. But I did build really good plans.

<Image of cool plan goes here! — things like start learning html/css/js then start a consulting business on web development then make hundreds thousands of dollars per year then retire early in my 30s — sounds good enough? huh>

OK? that’s enough bragging!

I have built multiple plans and each of them worked pretty well for first several weeks (or days) then somehow I got into “serious” business and then I totally forgot what I was doing with my plans awwwwwh


And I think other people have the same problem (do you have it? drop me a line if you have or you object this with

So my next plan is to work on a planning tool get my “other” plan work!

< I don’t really know what I’m doing>

Why? well because I want to get my shit done in my way.

I want it to be simple (no more then 3 screens for daily usage).

I want it push my ass forward (remind me to check-in daily) and give my some pebble when I’m lazy to follow it!

And … and have my name as the creator of it. AWESOME!

So here it is, some of the sketch from my awesome designer friend!

My friend sketch for this app — I’m serious this time

I’m working on it now. Coming soon!

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