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This article is spot on. A lot of people just don’t understand or don’t want to understand how bad Okafor is. They look at the big counting stats he put up his rookie year and think that means he is some kind of prospect. He is one of the worst handful of centers in the NBA that regularly gets playing time by just about every catch all type stat worth anything. I mean he is completely worthless if winning basketball games is your goal. They got basically nothing for Noel. It would have been saner to go into the off-season and see what kind of offers Noel got and then look to match and trade Noel to whoever wanted him. Its hard for me to believe that a team that would want Noel enough to give him a big contract wouldn’t give us at least the same type of nothing the Mavericks did. At least you could say then well we couldnt pay 20 million for a back up we took what we could get. This deal is what you call a show deal where the GM can say look what I did! Noel gets a ridiculously bad rap if you isolated his stats to when he is at center only he would easily project as a top 15 starting center in the league right now and he is only 22.

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